Video: The rise and fall of Dead Space

With all the Black Friday sales killing off most bits of interesting game news around the world, it’s going to be tough finding something worthy of your time. There are however folks in the industry who do a fantastic job at producing a documentary-like video series on games that were very popular at some point, but ultimately met its fate for whatever reason. The ‘Rise and Fall’ series recently covered the very popular Skate series and next in line is another EA game, Dead Space.

GVMERS head back to where it all began, through to the rise of the series and how it all concluded when the publisher interfered with plans in their efforts to gain more sales from the title that just wasn’t selling well enough for EA to be satisfied. It’s the sad story we all know all too well, but it’s a reminder how publishers often screw up great development studios thanks to one major culprit – money, all wrapped up into an interesting documentary.

In the video they briefly chat about where plans were heading for Dead Space 4, if it was going to continue down the same road, but the creative director also once shared more about the game, which you can read below:

Creative Director shares what Dead Space 4 could have been

Be sure to check out the other videos on GVMERS, the production level is quite impressive if you like short documentaries on some of your favourite games like Silent Hill, Driver, Resistance, Crysis and more, you’ll find that it’s time well spent.

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