Hitman 2 player gets Twitter account suspended for threatening to kill Sean Bean

Last week, IO Interactive gave players the opportunity to kill the ultimate elusive target in the form of Sean Bean in the recently released Hitman 2. It was pretty well-known news for most of us, but somebody clearly didn’t tell the folks over at Twitter about it, since somebody got suspended for tweeting about his intention to kill the in-game avatar of the British Actor.

The player in question goes by the Twitter handle of @TheFatConsol3R and the tweet that got him suspended was simple: “Looks like I’m gonna be killing Sean Bean tonight then.” He tried to explain to Twitter that he was talking about a video game, but Twitter didn’t want anything of it. He did manage to get the suspension lifted after the story was first published by VG247.com, but it’s not clear whether it was because of the media getting hold of the story, or the email sent by The Fat Consoler.

He later tweeted out the exact message he got from Twitter:

If there’s one lesson to be learned here it is to be careful what do and say on social media. Yes, it gives us all a platform to express our views and opinions, but it would be ignorant to think nobody’s watching you, even if it is just computers and algorithms that try to determine whether you’re being hateful or a threat to the community.

Source: VG247.com

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