Ghost of a Tale will scurry onto your console early next year

One of my favourite things about writing for SA Gamer is finding, and highlighting, special games that might otherwise have been left unknown. And while I doubt any of those types of games I’ve spotted since I started here would have gone completely unnoticed, I like to feel like I helped in some way. Ghost of a Tale is exactly what I’m talking about.

Since its final release on PC back in March, Ghost of a Tale has received the Ping Award for Best Indie Game of 2018, as well as the Best Graphics in an Indie Game award at Paris Games Week. So it already sounds like a great game, but SeithCG decided to share the greatness and release it for consoles as well.

While the XBox One release date was initially set for around the holiday season, SeithCG decided to move it after a discussion with their distributors who advised that it would be a bad idea and that the game would have gone unnoticed. As they are an indie company, without a publisher, they decided to hold off on releasing just yet.

Alongside this sound advice, the team was informed that the PS4 version of the game will be available near the beginning of 2019. So they just decided to release both console versions at once in February! What splendid news! The month where your bank account has recovered from the holidays enough to not make you cry while buying groceries!

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