Driveclub and Project Gotham Racing developers are teaming up for new projects

You read that right. The developers from the defunct Evolution Studios (Driveclub, Motorstorm) and Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing, Blur) are teaming up in the UK to work on new unannounced projects. Wushu Studios, which is mostly made up of Evolution Studios developers, will be combining forces with Lucid Games, who consist of ex Bizarre Creations members. Together this could mean big news for fans of the racing genre.

Whether they will be working on a racing game is yet to be confirmed. For all we know they’re working on something completely different, but we think they’ll stick to their strengths. Lucid Games originally launched Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (which was once a Bizarre Creations title), so anything is possible. As it stands they’re still working on Switchblade, a vehicle combat MOBA available on PC and PS4, and fine-tuning that.

At this time they just confirmed to Eurogamer that they’re working on ‘multiple projects’, so expect more news to drop in 2019.

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