Nintendo’s Creators Program is finally ending at the end of December

Nintendo often really struggles with keeping up with the times. While they’re innovating in their own unique way, some other strategies of theirs seem antiquated and completely misguided. One such strategy was the Nintendo Creators Program which was a complete slap in the face for content creators everywhere. Nintendo took a cut of the profits from any video or stream that contained one of its games and this made a lot of creators deem Nintendo’s content unusable. It was a pretty terrible way of treating creators who were essentially giving you a heap of free advertising.

Thankfully, Nintendo has come to their senses and will be ending the programme this December. Instead of taking a cut of the profits, you will just need to be approved by Nintendo to monetise your content containing their games. According to its new guidelines, creators are “encouraged to create videos that include your creative input and commentary”. Thankfully, this is usually the way people choose to utilise Nintendo’s games as direct uploads of gameplay don’t really add much to the equation.

This is a giant step forward for content creators and Nintendo as well since more and more Nintendo content will be making its way to us through our favourite content creators and Nintendo is finally entering the space of digital marketing that they’ve been so adamant to resist. I do wonder if the release of Smash Bros. Ultimate has anything to do with it since there will probably be a big influx of creators streaming the game or making videos about it. With this new change, everyone is going to be happy.

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