Harris’ SEGA vs Nintendo Console Wars book being made into a TV series

According to Colin Stevens, writing for IGN, Blake J. Harris’ book Console Wars: Sega vs Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation is being made into a TV series. According to the article, Legendary made the announcement with Jordan Vogt-Roberts set to direct and Mike Rossolio down to pen the first episode. Seth Rogen (who also wrote the foreword for the book) is also linked to the project along with his long-time collaborator Evan Goldberg.

The book takes an in-depth look at the early rise of Nintendo and SEGA in America at the dawn (or rebirth) of the home console era, after Atari’s big collapse. It pays particular attention to Tim Kalinske’s (then SEGA of America’s CEO) influence on SEGA and its, at least initially, successful attempt to usurp some of Nintendo’s control of the market. The book is probably my favourite book dealing with the video game industry, and it is written very much like a fictional novel and so it makes quite a lot of sense to see it developed into a TV series. I for one am quite excited to see how this very interesting episode in video game history will be re-imagined on screen.

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