Timed Exclusive release for Borderlands VR on PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR will receive a timed exclusive run of Borderlands 2 VR, adding to a steadily growing list of games that made it to the platform for a limited period. The shoot, loot, and boot single-player experience will debut on PlayStation VR on 14 December 2018 and will be exclusive to PlayStation for a total of five months until its eventual release on PC.

Although most of us here may have thrown many hours at the game, a VR experience may just be worth jumping into Pandora again. It comes in at a price point that feels like you’re buying the game again though, so perhaps after the eventual PC release, PlayStation VR owners might be treated to a discount. Perhaps the inclusion of “direct motion, teleportation, or a combination with *both* PS Move and DualShock controllers” support might just get you doing another run through the chaotic and colourful world of Borderlands 2 again, but this time with a slight twist.

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