Get ready for maximum profits in Stellaris: Megacorp

Later this week Stellaris players are in for a treat if they are looking for bigger, better and streamlined processes.聽 A new expansion and a free update are launching that have a whole bunch of new and exciting ways to make a profit or prove your dominance in space.

The free update, called Le Guin, makes a few changes to the game’s economy, changes trade to a bit more logical and easier to read system and changes the way that building cities on a planet works so that it is easier to understand. Instead of the tile system, you will have districts, buildings and jobs. Jobs require districts and buildings and in turn, they generate resources.

For those who want even more, the expansion Megacorp adds some new megastructures – like an impressive drill that mines a black hole -, a way to turn a whole planet into a city called an Ecumenopolis and fleets of wandering traders. There is also a black market with slave traders and other shiny items in blind boxes. You will also be able to build branch offices on the planets of another empire, which benefits both empires.

The expansion arrives on December 6 for R130.

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