Marduk, Armor King and Julia Chang smash their way into Tekken 7

When Tekken 7 launched last year it did so while raising the eyebrows of many old-school fans of the series. Some of the most beloved characters were completely absent. The first season pass included Tekken Bowl Tournament and the inclusion of brand new cross-over characters, like Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. It all felt a little bizarre not seeing some of the expected faces in the line-up. Bandai Namco later introduced Season Pass 2 and that’s where they finally fixed all that is wrong with the roster.

These character should have been in the base game, but that is a debate for another day. Season 2 recently dropped Anna Williams and Lei Wulong into the mix and we were aware of Negan (The Walking Dead) being another wacky new character that’ll be introduced at some point, but it’s finally time for Armor King, Marduk and Julia Chang fans to rejoice – the fighters are all making their way into Season Pass 2. Bandai Namco introduced their return in the two below videos. You’re obviously wondering why there are three names and only two videos? Julia Chang has no video of her own, but she shows up in the slide at the end of Marduk’s announcement video.

It’s likely because the wrestler and brawler are available today for download and Julia is waiting for a release date. Herewith the official reveal trailers:

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