The Last Story and Wii trademarks applied for by Nintendo

It is not an uncommon thing for companies to apply for trademarks on games and devices/consoles that they have previously released. And in Nintendo’s case, this has become quite a norm lately. According to a post on DualSHOCKERS聽the Japanese leg of Nintendo, Nintendo Co. has applied for new, not renewed, but completely new trademarks for “Wii”, The Last Story and Fossil Fighters.

On the Wii side of the trademark, the application classifies video game machine, game machine controller, video game program, downloadable video game program and smartphone program. Quite intriguing as I originally thought that a trademark like this could be solidifying future plans for a mini version of the Wii. But instead, I now am of the mind that this could perhaps be in the line of Wii playable titles on the Switch. If that is ever to become a reality. I for one would love to play The Last Story on the Switch or even receive a sequel on the Switch.

However, with the massive lineup that the Wii has, it would be interesting to see what a mini version of the Wii may yield. One thing is certain, the Wii Mini already exists.

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