Bring the joy of toys to the Nexus with the new Heroes of the Storm event

It’s officially December, and you know what that means! That’s right, special winter events for games! While other games might be celebrating with snow-themed suits, mistletoe and jingle bells, Heroes of the Storm went a different route this year. It’s time for toys in the Nexus!

This event will see legendary skins come to (Dehakasaurus) Rex and (Snuggle/Cuddle/Honey Bear) Stitches, while Valeera will be standing strong in her (Nega/Cosmic/ Psionic) force with her Epic skins with matching lion mount skins.

Heroes of the storm

Not only will you be able to ride around on an action-figure-looking lion mount, but you will also stand the chance of galloping majestically around on your very own plush unicorn legendary mount. They come in all shades for when you need to match the mood of the battle.

Other than that, you have your standard event unlock-ables like sprays and event icons to find in your loot crates. But what might make the Christmas-time fans happy is knowing that a repainted Mint Sugar Plum Sylvanas will also be joining the fun, as well as a less festive Celestial Surfboard.  The latter, however, will only come with gem purchases.

This event will also be introducing “The Most Amazingest Board Game Ever!”, for those of you who would want some extra challenges thrown into the festivities. The steps are simple, but I doubt the quests will be; simply roll the dice, unlock unique quests, and earn rewards by making your way around the board. Get around the board successfully and you will be a new owner of The Kid announcer pack. Which I’m 70% sure is the voice of Catbug from Bravest Warriors, just older.

There are portraits, sprays, emoji packs and banners to be gained from this little board game, so it wouldn’t be so bad to try out.

This wonderfully playful event will run from the 11th of December until the 7th of January. So make sure you go play, and open some Toy Loot Chest before January, so that you, too, can ride around on a cute unicorn mount while bringing your team to victory.

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