Destiny 2: Forsaken’s first Annual Pass content released today

When Destiny 2: Forsaken launched earlier this year, it essentially made the game what it was supposed to be from the start. A ton of content was added with so many things to see and do, which is essentially what the player base has been asking for. It also introduced a new way in how Bungie is planning to release content going forward in the form of the Annual Pass, and the first of its content, Season of the Forge, is available tonight.

The Annual Pass consists of three “seasons”, each of which are expected to include a whole lot of extra content including new loot, activities, triumphs and an increase to the game’s level cap by 50. Bungie detailed all this in a video blog last week, as well as giving a roadmap of what can be expected going forward:

The first of these seasons will go live tonight and will include the Black Armory Forges that’s seen as some sort of public events, which will become available as the season progresses. On top of that, we’re also expecting a new Raid which will go live later in the week.

Whether or not the content will be worth it still remains to be seen, Bungie did take a bit of a risk announcing the Annual Pass with the release of Forsaken, and given the content track record of last year, it definitely had a few people raising some eyebrows. That said, the content of Forsaken is damn good and dropping the ball now might have a bigger impact on Bungie and Destiny 2 than what they will like, so I think they’ll bring the goods.


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