Negan finally introduces the Tekken 7 cast to Lucille

A few seasons back fans of The Walking Dead were shocked when first introduced to the man that we now all know too well, Negan. The actor that portrayed him, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, brought the much needed drama back to a series that was losing a lot of interest due to it just becoming too repetitive. He embodied Negan in the way he presented himself with his violent demeanour. Ultimately he introduced the world to his baseball bat, Lucille. Now it’s time for the Tekken cast to get a lengthy speech and a good battering.


**There is a serious spoiler incoming, for those who have not watched the series and plan to, so avoid the next paragraph if you’ve not yet watched the introduction of Negan.**

That infamous episode where Glenn has his head smashed in by Negan will likely go down as one of the biggest shock moments in the series. The below video reenacts that particular scene, where you’ll see several of the Tekken characters on their knees with fear spread over all their faces. Negan isn’t a very nice guy and the people at Bandai Namco are going to remind you why that is. As soon as you hear that trademark whistle of his, you know things are about to get a little nasty.

From the bit of footage below, it looks like he’ll be swinging his bat mostly, but it does seem like he’s got some of Sergei Dragunov style to go with it. It looks like he’ll be another character with fast and strong upper-body moves.

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