Pokémon GO’s PvP is finally heading to the game

Last week Friday, the 30th of November, Niantic teased fans of Pokémon GO on Twitter with one of the game’s most anticipated features – PvP. Yes, indeed trainers, Niantic is finally giving us what has been showcased since before Pokémon GO even released. Thankfully after their little tease, they also provided us with information.

According to an additional tweet that followed, trainers will receive the opportunity to participate within three Pokémon GO Trainer Battle Leagues. Namely, Great, Ultra and Master. In addition, each league will have different maximum Pokémon CP limits.  Great League participants will be capped at 1,500 CP, Ultra League participants will be capped at 2,500 and Master League participants will have no CP limit. Furthermore, we discover during the announcements that our battle parties will be restricted to three Pokémon, unlike our raid parties which have six Pokémon. No specific date has been given on the release of PvP but in the interim Niantic has mentioned that trainers should start looking at their Pokédex and begin preparing your battle team.

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