Rumour: Microsoft is in talks to acquire a studio that is working with Sony

Microsoft has been on a warpath recently with them acquiring studios like they are collectable cards. They’ve managed to snag some highly coveted studios so far and are really gearing up to become competitive again in the first party space. I think it’s all part of some elaborate grand scheme that will see fruition a while down the line. Also, they might just start poaching studios from their competitors.

Before we move on, this is a wild rumour from a single source which you should take with a giant bag of salt. It comes to us from Twitter user Klobrille who has been historically on the ball when it comes to industry rumours and the like. Here’s what they had to say:

And here’s where the speculation happens. Which Sony studio is Microsoft in talks with? The prevailing theory is that it’s Ready at Dawn, developers behind The Order 1886 and a few PSVR titles. It would make sense for that studio to jump ship since their games haven’t had the biggest following on Sony’s platform. It might even be Quantic Dream and while I think that’s highly improbable given the developer’s history with Sony, it’s still a possibility.

It’s safe to assume that most of the major first-party developers such as Naughty Dog are safe, but one has to wonder which developer is in talks here. It might be something benign, but it might also show us that Microsoft is not afraid to do some hostile takeovers and if that’s the case, they really have something big up their sleeves.

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