The Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 remake is what nightmares are made of

In 1998 players got to meet one of the scariest characters in the Resident Evil universe, the Tyrant. This huge ‘thing’ would slowly make his way towards you. Planting bullet after bullet from your 9MM in his skull would do minimal damage. After emptying out several clips on your handgun he would eventually fall, only to stand up and continue to pursue Leon or Claire. He’d barge through walls and was the first glimpse into Nemesis that appeared in Resident Evil 3. Well, he’s back in the Resident Evil 2 remake and he’s more hardcore than he’s ever been.

Unlike the original game he’ll now track you down wherever you might be, and not just make random unexpected appearances. Remember the ‘safe entrance hall in the Police Station’? Not even that area is safe anymore. Instead of cautiously searching through rooms for clues to puzzles or picking up items, you’ll be rushed as soon as you hear the sound of his thumping footsteps. He moves at quite a fast pace too, and when he gets closer to Claire he even speeds up. Most concerning is that this time he can’t be dropped. In the official video below you’ll see Claire nailing him with grenade rounds and, other than creating some smoke and an explosion, he just keeps moving towards her. He’s absolutely terrifying.

The folks over at Eurogamer also had some time with the game and did a more in-depth video, explaining their experience in a bit more detail. According to them, it is the numerous zombies you have to dodge too, which becomes a pain while the Tyrant is hunting your down. There are moments in the below video that you’ll see hordes of zombies standing in the way of an escape route between Claire and the Tyrant. Get ready for panic stations, Capcom brought the fear back. As it should be. You’ll also get to see some sections where they’re controlling Ada, who has some unique abilities this time around.

Resident Evil 2 launches on 25 January 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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