Far Cry returns with a new game tease, which will be revealed at the Game Awards

Far Cry 5 had the teams at Ubisoft Montreal and Toronto pushing a few boundaries when it comes to their villain, Joseph Seed. Unlike previous games, it had a right-wing religious tone to the game. Hope Country was a very different Far Cry to most games we played before it, but the end, for those who saw it, came as a bit of a shock. Ubisoft has now released a teaser for another Far Cry game that’ll be revealed at the Game Awards.

**Please Note: There is a spoiler incoming for those who have not yet finished Far Cry 5, so be aware that the next paragraph will have a major spoiler**

At the end of Far Cry 5 a nuclear war kicks into action and things turn for the worst. It left many unanswered questions on the table, but it now seems that the next game will be answering some of those questions as it looks like we’ll be returning to Hope Country, or whatever is left of it. In the teaser you see a world reborn out of the rubble and at the very end, it looks like humanity is back at their destructive ways, with some guy loading his crossbow with a sawmill blade. It seems there is more to know about this region.

The Game Awards take place at 3.30 am SA time tomorrow morning, when all will be revealed. By the time you wake up you’ll be able to catch all the news on SA Gamer, so don’t be too worried about missing the show in the early hours of the morning.

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