Bastion developer’s new game is called Hades

Supergiant Games, the wonderful folks behind classics such as Bastion and Transistor love to push the envelope when it comes to beauty and art. All of their games are simply wonderful with amazing narration, fantastic artwork and a palpable sense of identity. They recently released Pyre, which was a detour from their usual formula that paid off in the end. However, they now have a new project that seems to be following the Supergiant winning recipe.

The game is called Hades and it’s a game where you play as, well, Hades. The combat is looking frantic, the art is gorgeous and the characters are just dripping with personality. The trailer below shows you all you need to know about the gameplay and it’s also hinted that this will be a rogue-like of some kind where your character can die and start all over again. It’s yet another different take for the developers, but they’ve proven themselves thus far.

As you can tell, I’m a massive fan of Supergiant Games and I consider Transistor one of my favourite games ever. We should be cautious giving so much faith, but I’m absolutely sure that they’ll do a great job. The game is actually available soon on Early Access in the Epic Games Store so if you have a PC, you can jump right in already.

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