Dragon Quest Builders 2 will let NPCs help build defensive structures

Square Enix has released new screenshots on their sandbox JRPG title, Dragon Quest Builders 2. In the screenshots below, we see NPCs helping repair and build the Castle on the Island of Endless Battle. Maintaining and building a fort, or in the case of Dragon Quest Builders a castle, can be tough at the best of times. Throw on a barrage of monsters to that and your job becomes infinitely more difficult. However, in the case of Dragon Quest Builders 2, players won’t have to worry…or perhaps worry less…as your towns people will lend a hand. In Dragon Quest Builders 2 as long as players have the blueprint and materials in their storage boxes, their residents will assist in building the castle.

What’s more is that players will also have the aid of magic structures as an additional defensive measure for their castles. Barriers, trap tiles and wind vacuums are a few traps waiting to cause havoc for the monsters that dare to attack you.

And of course what’s an open world sandbox title without some environmental effects? Effects that can be another challenge to players. Below we can see players fully submerged in water. Gliding through the air, as well as trying to keep warm in what seems to be below zero temperatures.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases later this month in Japan on the PS4 and Switch, while the West is set to release the game in 2019.

Source: Siliconera

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