Far Cry New Dawn interview with Creative Director Jean-Sebastien Decant

Guest post by Paul Davies.

Please explain how the theme was conceived, and how it differs to similar scenarios.
We looked at the last 200 years. We studied natural disasters, the wars, and the impact of nuclear disasters that occurred. We took all that data and we looked at it through the prism of its impact on population, wildlife, environment, and weather patterns. We created our own model of up to 15-20 years.

Please tell us more about the survivors and their situation.
The survivors are trying to rebuild something where children can live and prosper – I don’t know if they want to rebuild America, but they want to arrive at a place where people can co-inhabit and build a new society. They are not inclined toward violence, they are focused on farming, powering the machines, and creating ethanol. They have had some good years in Hope County, because the place was blessed by nature. They were not ready for the Highwaymen when they arrived. The leader is Kim Rye, the mother of Carmina.

How does their status as twins affect the behaviour of the new main antagonists, Mickey and Lou, and what are the narrative consequences?
These siblings work together and they are constantly in your face. One is a little bit more measured, the other is more violent. You enter their world and live with that. On the other hand, they are part of a world that is much more tougher – kill or be killed, issues are solved quickly. They are modern bandits, and that is the starting point.

Regarding the home base, what do you start out with, and how does this evolve over time?
I don’t know in terms of duration, but you have seven or eight facilities that you can upgrade, with Ethanol – you can upgrade the home base itself. There are three or four levels for each of these elements that you can invest in. They add to what you can craft, and what you can do to take on the challenges in the game. The upgrades to home base also provide opportunities for the story to unfold. It’s really the spine for the progression of the game. The more you invest, the more friendly characters and children appear. However, this also leads to face-offs with the Highwaymen.

Does the wilderness also present new challenges? What about the wildlife?
The wilderness has been affected by the 17 years of apocalypse. There are no mutations, but possibly some animal species have gained the edge over others, and they have become dominant in the new world. In Far Cry 5, we introduced the Bliss drug from the cult. A lot of that drug has been poured into Hope County. If you combine this with the fact that there were lots of radioactive power plants around, then you have a recipe for a few surprises.

How has the team approached Skills in Far Cry New Dawn?
We are still approaching Far Cry as a game that you can play as a totally bombastic player, or more stealth. The perks and weapons reflect that.

What were your reasons for refining the user interface?
We wanted one layer, so players don’t need to go into submenus to access items needed in the fraction of a second they have to react to something. You can craft medikits by just opening your weapon wheel, and pressing a button. You can access the list of different consumables and craft them on the go.

Is Horatio (the wild boar) really uncontrollable? Lol!
[Laughs] When I say he is uncontrollable, what I mean is, if you send him in to attack some Highwaymen he will just toss them out of the way, four at a time. He is very powerful. You can control him, he is a Fang for Hire of course.

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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