SA Gamer Awards 2018 – Best Action-Adventure

Picking the best action-adventure game at the end of 2018 wasn’t easy. It is a very popular genre and with everything on offer, it certainly didn’t disappoint. We got to go to South America to try and stop a Mayan Apocalypse, live out our wildest cowboy fantasies and thwip around New York as a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

God of War

The idea of an action-adventure game is that it should be packed full of action and take you on an adventure, and no game we got this year comes close to God of War. The game sees you take on the role of an older, tired looking Kratos, who goes on a journey with his son Atreus to scatter the ashes of his wife from the highest peak of the nine realms. What seems to be a relatively straight-forward task becomes an epic journey for the father and his son through the realms of Norwegian mythology.

God of War not only delivers on the adventure but the action of this game is on point. Many people wondered how the series could make the transition to an over-the-shoulder point of view, but the folks over at Santa Monica Studios pulled it off.  Every sequence feels incredible, every Axe swing or throw feels like it got weight to it, and the combat feels frenetic, yet controlled and very satisfying at all times. The world that was created and the realms that you visit is incredibly well designed with a clever Metroidvania system that only opens up other parts to visit later on. God of War is a truly epic game and therefore, the best Action Adventure game of 2018!

Runner-Up:  Marvel’s Spider-Man
Honourable Mentions: Red Dead Redemption 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Yakuza 6

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