The Wild Eight will finally launch in 2019

Early Access games are a tough cookie to crack; do you take the game as it is right now and perhaps get put off by the bugs, or do you wait for the final product and judge it for what it became with community feedback? Does it count as a new release if it’s been in Early Access for the past couple if years? Whichever the case, each of them must one day step out of the safety of it, and face the world for the game it is. The Wild Eight has finally received its marching orders.

Set in the snowy terrain of the oh-so-hospitable Alaska, The Wild Eight follows the survivors of a plane crash as they fight to live another day in the wild. It’s a multiplayer co-op “survival action-adventure” that you can luckily play alone, as well. You don’t need friends to play a game with you all the time, but it’s nice to know you can if you wanted to.

Although it’s been in cocoon of Early Access since February last year, it will finally see the light of day as a full-fledged butterfly game. You’ll explore the story behind your mysterious crash, hunt the predators that see you as prey, and loot any thing you can find that will make the lives for your group easier. A bit like Don’t Starve but with a lot more people.

The Wild Eight will be coming to the PC in March 2019, and PS4 and XBO in August. It’s still a while away, so they’d be able to iron out any little issues left. I really hope it goes well for HyperTrain Digital, it looks like a lot of love and time has gone into this game.

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