Console Warframe players can now all lift together

The anticipated second open-world offering for Warframe on console went live yesterday and the servers were set alight with millions of console players trying to get their download ready for the release of the Fortuna update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The next venture into the vast explorative part of the Warframe franchise takes you to Volaris, a city on Venus, an icy terrain with many new variants of flora and fauna, all held together by the native inhabitants called the Solaris United. This new colony introduced to the Warframe universe consists of humanoid characters fused with robotic enhancements, not necessarily by choice. Underneath the industrious facade lies a story of crippling debt under the heavy hand of the Corpus greed machine lead by Nef Anyo, and the Solaris pay with literal arms and legs to keep their souls.

The update introduces new forms of the same Corpus enemies and some creepy crawly new ones as well, with new minerals and gems scattered throughout the world along with other species of fish to catch and wildlife to find and observe. It also introduces you to the K-Drive, a hover board unique to Volaris that allows to bring out the Tony Hawk in you, as you zoom around on bounty missions and hunt the Corpus and farm for the new Warframe, Garuda, a specimen imbued in the thirst for blood. Each animal you catch and observe also allows you to create plush toy replicas of them called Floofs, so now you can decorate you orbiter with fluffy little variants of these Volaris beasts.

The Warframe: Fortuna update went live yesterday, 10 December and is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

See you on the icy slopes of Volaris, console Tenno.

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