SA Gamer Awards 2018 – Best Racing Game

2017 saw the big hitters from various platforms bring out their racing powerhouse titles and it made it hard to decide which is better when comparing them head-to-head as they showcased eye popping realism, an automotive selection that would make any car enthusiast cream their undies, and various tracks with twists and straights making your throttle foot twitch in anticipation. And the choices were between simulation and arcade were astounding, if you were for one or the other you were never left wondering if there was enough of it. 2018 still had a bit of the same, but the franchise that decided to step into the arcade racing world has raised the bar yet again with their fourth installment to the series.

Forza Horizon 4

The fine line between realism and arcade gets crossed with this title as it has an outstanding environment with dynamic weather, a garage of cars for each and every situation, showcase events for days, race events coming out of its ears, so much to do and so much to explore across a sprawling open-world littered with stunts and race events to keep you busy til the cows come home. The multiplayer aspect is second to none and ripping through the British isles with friends have never looked so good and inviting before in a racing game with some iconic locations, detailed landscapes and every type of road you can choose to tear up. Every season brings a new challenge and new rewards, and with its ongoing program of bringing more content, we’ll be taking to the streets with friends for quite some time.

The serious sim racers might have a hard time not sticking between the curbs, but once they let go and blaze across wide open spaces and ramp over some sweet jumps, the adrenaline junkie in them will take over and it won’t be about finishing first anymore, but finishing in style and high octane bliss! Forza Horizon 4 delivers on that hand over foot.

Runner-Up:  F1 2018
Honourable Mentions: Ride 3, Onrush

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