Sonic Movie’s first look is a little… creepy?

It’s probably not fair to make big judgements based off one image – however, a picture does tell a thousand words and all that. And yesterday IGN revealed the first look of Sonic the Hedgehog as he will appear in the movie due late 2019. And let’s just say the internet has its concerns. It’s always a tricky business making video game movies, and that is only doubled when you take a cartoon character into the ‘real world’. Sometimes it works, but mostly something just never feels quite right.

In the image above, you still can’t make Sonic out completely, but the blue-tinged silhouette’s proportions just feel a little off. Those long legs and monkey-like arms – gives me a real Planet-of-the-Apes feeling. Plus, all that fur. Hmm, let’s hope our initial reaction is wrong. I really hope the final look and general movie turns out to be special – but for now, I’m gonna be honest and say he scares me a little.

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