Play a lethal game of hide and seek with friends in Prey’s Typhon Hunter update

Prey is the gift that keeps on giving as Arkane Studios just released their Typhon Hunter update, a lethal game of hide-and-seek where you and five other friends play as either a single survivor (Morgan Yu) and the rest attempt to stalk, hunt, and hide in plain sight as shape-shifting Mimics. Your friends could be anywhere and anything.

The Mimic players start the round with a prep period where they get to scope out potential hiding spots and plan ambushes. The single survivor’s goal is to hunt down all five Mimics with a Wrench or Pistol before the time is up. The Mimics can decide to either hide until the time expires, or try and take down Morgan together. The survivor gets to respawn after the death timer and try his/her luck at eliminating the Mimics again, but the Mimics only get one life, so the offensive method can prove costly for those trying to take Morgan down with brute force.

Here are the Key Features for the Prey: Typhon Hunter update:

  • Multiplayer Hide-and-Seek: Face off against fellow players or AI in this intense, asymmetrical multiplayer mode. As Mimics, team up to create ridiculous traps for Morgan. There are endless strategies and places to hide as you fight to stay alive. Morgan players will need to eliminate all Mimics before the time runs out to win.
  • Reality and Virtual Reality: Are you bold enough to strap on a VR headset for extra immersion (and extra scares)? Typhon Hunter is playable both traditionally and as a VR mode for PlayStation 4 and PC players.
  • Jumpscares Galore: Death lurks around every corner in Typhon Hunter. Don’t trust the world around you and, most importantly, don’t blink.
  • Iconic Talos I Locations: Revisit iconic locations from Talos I, now fraught with fresh peril. Cut loose with the hip sounds of the Yellow Tulip Karaoke Bar, conduct experiments from Morgan’s office, and even grab a fresh cup of coffee in Morgan’s apartment.
  • TranStar VR: A single player VR-only campaign included in the Typhon Hunter update – puts you in the shoes of various TranStar employees as you complete objectives and solve intricate puzzles on Talos I, just days before the events of Prey.

Prey: Typhon Hunter is a free online multiplayer update to Prey: Digital Deluxe and the Prey: Mooncrash expansion.

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