Quick Gift Guide for the cosplayer in your life

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We’re nearing the single-digit number of days left before Christmas faster than I would like, mostly because a week later it’ll already be 2019. And since there’s so little time left, I thought I’d swoop in with a quick gift guide for anyone who has absolutely no idea what to get someone who is already, or perhaps flirting with the idea of getting into cosplay.

Cosplay Tutorials and Patterns

This is a goldmine of possible gifts that you can give this holiday season because not only are they relatively cheap and easy to access but they also span a magnitude of fandoms. It doesn’t matter what your recipient is in to, chances are that there’s a pattern and tutorial book for that already.

Patterns by C’est La Sara

I know this might take away from physically opening a wrapped present, but it’s not like you have time to wait for it to be imported. What you can do, however, is take the money that you would have spent on a bigger present and perhaps get it printed out for the person alongside the digital version. I’ve rounded up some individuals that could help you find exactly what you’re looking for, but I encourage you to still look around the internet to see if anything else catches your eye.

Kamui Cosplay –  They have a lot of books, and some patterns, and free advice on their blog!

Kinpatsu Cosplay – Recently released her first wig styling book, and has a store filled to the brim with patterns and tutorial booklets.

Lightning Cosplay – She poured her knowledge of creating amazing mythical creatures into books. That’s all I can really say.

The Cosplay Cartel – They usually do commissions (might be too late for that) but they have been adding patterns to their store recently, too.

Stassklass cosplay – She has an extensive YouTube channel where she shows you how to use her patterns that you can purchase.

Jenangel – She occasionally adds free cosplay patterns and tutorials to her website. They are limited, unfortunately.

Venalia Cosplay Shop – Their store has only started up recently, but already there are some very well done and popular patterns.

C’est La Sara – They have an extensive library of cosplay patterns that cover rather popular characters. Some of them are even free.

OK, You get the gist. Go to your Google machine, type in the character you have in mind, add the word “cosplay pattern/tutorial” and you’ll probably find something that you like. These patterns and books very rarely exceed the $10 mark, so you won’t be breaking the bank by getting one of them.

Sewing Patterns

Yes, this is similar to the first option, but they’re completely different. Sort of. While armour and weapon patterns are great, perhaps you know that your recipient likes to put needle to thread and see how fabric comes to life. Or maybe they’ve always wanted to make some elaborate dress, but the pattern has always eluded them. Whichever the case, you get the added advantage of giving them a physical parcel to unwrap!

This one is easier; simply head to your local fabric store, head to their haberdashery area and look for thick, over-used books on too-small tables or maybe a counter, and simply start flipping. Luckily, we live in a day-and-age where pattern making companies have realized that there is money to be made in costume patterns, so most have added sections to their catalogues dedicated to just that. Just don’t expect them to be called “Disney Princess Elsa dress pattern”. They tend to be a bit more… creative.

Online catalogues are available, as well, just make sure to write down the pattern number and manufacturer name, and give it to the person behind the counter with all the metal drawers behind them. Like a bank for sewing patterns. The names Simplicity, McCall’s, or Butterick will become familiar to you as you start to look for more pattern choices.

Another alternative is The Hero’s Closet, which is just a book full of popular patterns that you can cut out and use! Which is nifty!

Cosplay Supplies

I’ve spoken about supplies quite a lot since I started writing about cosplay here, so I won’t bore you again. But basically, cosplayers can never get enough of the stuff, so this is a safe bet if you feel like variety is something you want to go for. Walking into any hardware or stationery store would already give you 3 possible gift options, so all you have to do is make your way there. I think anything off of PNA’s craft section would fit perfectly, but a tub of iClay would never hurt!

There are two local suppliers of cosplay stuff. You can simply pop them a message asking them what’s currently in stock, too if that’s more what you feel like giving this time around. Koncept kitty will have wigs and other accessories, while Coskraft Cosplay Shop will have contact lenses, thermoplastic and craft foam.

There are actually so many things you could gift to a cosplayer, from shoes to base boot-covers on to subscribing for a month to their favourite cosplayer’s Patreon page so that they can get the benefits. It just depends on what kind of gift you want to give this year because now you can plan for 2019 better. I hope this was at least slightly helpful and that your gift is well received! Happy gift hunting everyone!

For a quick breakdown of how to start a cosplay project, and how to make a quick closet cosplay (perhaps for New Year’s Eve?) be sure to check out our other cosplay posts here on SA Gamer!

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