SA Gamer Awards – Best game no-one played

Sometimes games just fall through the cracks. It’s a natural thing in such a hyper-competitive industry such as ours where games release on a daily basis and huge AAA titles just flying all over the place. It’s those games that you tell yourself you “might get eventually” or end up in that game release hell that is the end of the year where you’re competing with games that have a bigger advertising budget than your whole entire title. Sometimes these games come to us in the form of hidden gems, games we didn’t expect to be good at all, but received widespread critical acclaim. Regardless of the reason, it’s still tragic that these games get overlooked and with no game was this more evident than with our winner.

Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is a fantastic game. It received critical praise from everywhere including from me and it was also a touching story of redemption for IO Interactive who were so callously kicked out by Square Enix. They made the sequel to their game on their terms and it turned out to be close to a masterpiece. With the first game’s foundation combined with all the fascinating new locales of the sequel, this was an assassin experience unlike any other. IO Interactive poured their hearts and souls into it, making it a game all about the fans and what people like about this franchise.

Unfortunately, the game is having some tough times. Firstly, it released in November which was already full of huge games that was also followed by October which was just pure madness. And its sales are not as good as they could be. Sadly, not even close. The game just received no attention from people that weren’t hardcore Hitman fans and if you look at the numbers currently, it’s woefully under target and doesn’t even touch the sales of the original. You can already find the game on sale everywhere and the player numbers are still relatively low. It’s a true shame because this game is definitely worth all the praise it got.

Runner- Up: Vampyr

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