Win a real-life version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Spear of Leonidas

Here at SA Gamer we have a tradition of giving games and all forms of gaming goodness back to our community. We love bringing a smile to a face every week. However, this particular competition isn’t hosted by us. Instead Megarom have teamed up with Black Dragon Forge to bring fans of the Assassin’s Creed series one of the most unique items we’ve ever seen in a competition to date. They’re giving away a real-life handcrafted Spear of Leonidas.

You might have had the chance to wield this spear in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, where you got to upgrade it throughout your journey. It replaced the hidden blades with something more realistic to fit in with that era. Yesterday we got to spend some time with Neels van den Berg, the full-time Bladesmith with over nine years of experience in the business, that constructed this real-life version of the spear for one lucky winner. One very lucky winner, as there is only one spear of its kind in the world. It just so happens to be that it’s right here in South Africa.

We got to touch it, stroke it and rub it all over our bodies (no, not really, otherwise we would be on our way to a hospital to deal with deep self-inflicting wounds). When Black Dragon Forge says that it’s a ‘real-life’ version, they weren’t kidding. As soon as you pick it up the weight makes you realise that this is a genuine weapon. As deadly as it might be, it’s the unique design that stands out. Neels created some magic with this item. Every part has been meticulously crafted with pure precision. The stitching on the leather handle, through to the bronze fittings and use of carbon steel makes it feel like something of immense value. I wish I could virtually get you to hold it, as it just feels so good in your hands. It’s as if this spear got teleported into the future directly from the Spartan King, Leonidas. It took Neels over 240 hours to handcraft this solid piece of art.

He took some time out of his busy schedule to showcase just how he goes about shaping and moulding metal to bend to his will. I walked away quite mesmerised, thinking of what he did in a few minutes with a simple piece of metal (check the gallery below). It’s hard to think that the blade came from pieces of plain metal. It’s incredible craftsmanship and is something I guess we can expect from a person who might soon be one of just over 90 master smiths in the world. He has uploaded several videos to showcase the build evolution of this creation. I highly recommend you watch the below videos, as this spear could very well end up being yours.

I’m sure by now you would like me to get to the point, with a link to the competition page. Well, here it is. Go register right now and, should you refer friends, you’ll get an additional entry for every friend you refer. So, what is this spear valued at? Considering that it’s one of a kind – priceless. The competition comes to a close next week, so be sure to get your entries in right away!

Herewith, several additional images to drool over (What is that little spear next to the real thing? That’s the one that came with the Collector’s Edition):

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