Metro Exodus release date brought forward as the game goes gold

Yesterday, to everyone’s surprise, 4A Games and Deep Silver announced that Metro Exodus, the next instalment and so far their most ambitious in the stealth first-person shooter series, would release a week early as the title hit gold.

To commemorate the achievement, the studio and publisher posted the announcement along with a title sequence video set to an original score by Metro series composer, Alexey Omelchuk. were tasked to create the title sequence and are known for their work on the iconic Game of Thrones and West World intros. The aim of the title sequence is to project atmospheric tonality for when you step into the Metro universe – a desolate frozen landscape filled with mutated creatures and anomalies scattered throughout post-apocalyptic Russia. The video is both evocative and sombring as each scene presents us with snow figures crumbling under icy winds sweeping through elements of what you’ll encounter in the world as if they are frozen in time.

Metro Exodus has had its release date moved forward to 15 February 2019, and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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