SA Gamer Awards 2018: Most Disappointing

As is the case every year, there were many disappointments in 2018. While we saw some spectacular blunders in both software and hardware (as you’ll see in the runner-up and honourable mentions), we stepped back and looked at the games industry as a whole. There was one particular moment that came out of nowhere and shocked everyone more than any other event, which ultimately left us all with a huge sense of disappointment. That moment was…

Telltale’s Shutdown

We often forget that there are people who bring us those captivating experiences in games. These people have families and other loved ones to look after. Imagine for a moment that you were a Telltale employee, when you arrived at work the one morning only to find out that you have no job and that you have 30 minutes to pack up and leave. That’s what happened to the employees at Telltale Games. It was a disappointment for the industry and us as gamers alike too.

To add some salt to injury, their employers decided not to pay any severance pay. Skeleton staff were kept to complete some projects, including the much-anticipated finale to The Walking Dead. Those staff members were laid off too, with no one to complete the work and many people without jobs. They then secured another company, Skybound Games, to complete The Walking Dead saga. Word has it that some old staff members returned to help them complete it, but ultimately many people were left stranded. On 14 November 2018 Telltale Games filed for bankruptcy. The Walking Dead received a lifeline, but it was not the case for the untitled Stranger Things, The Wolf Among Us 2 and the Batman series.

Though there were many other disappointments in 2018, there is nothing that cut us as deep as seeing people and our beloved games stranded.

Runner-Up: Fallout 76
Honourable Mentions: PlayStation Classic, Mario Tennis Aces (lack of online in SA), Every Motocross game (why can’t anyone get it right?)

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