SA Gamer Awards – Best ongoing game

These days when a game releases, it’s just the start of the journey. Because of patches, updates and even free expansions, games tend to evolve the more time goes on. Some games become unrecognizable from their initial launch versions and it’s sometimes crazy to see just how much of an evolution happens. In this award, we celebrate the games that keep the ball rolling, adding new and interesting content and keeping returning players happy. This year, there was one very clear winner, even if a lot of us were apprehensive about it.


Yes, we know, Fortnite is the zeitgeist at the moment and many people just love to hate on what is the most popular. It’s a game primarily played by kids now and has taken the world by absolute storm. However, beneath the monumental success, there is also great care and respect on display from Epic Games to the point where we had to give this game the winning position. The game is constantly updated to the point where if you missed a couple of weeks, you’d be shocked at all the new stuff available for you to play. Epic really takes care of their gigantic player base and we truly do believe that this is one of the reasons why this game has soared as much as it has.

Arguably its biggest competitor, PUBG, missed the mark when it came to player support and making sure their game is stable and fresh. It just couldn’t keep up with the magnitude of work that Epic has been putting into their golden goose. Even if the game rakes in millions of dollars on a daily basis, it’s still incredible that such a deep and worthwhile experience is free-to-play. Each season of the game is crazier than the last and sometimes they just bomb an entire area of the map for the heck of it. It’ll be interesting to see if Fortnite‘s success will carry it throughout next year or it will become old news as we move on to something else. But the progress that the game went through in 2018 will always be remembered.

Runner-Up: Warframe

Honourable Mentions: Pokemon Go, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2

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