Feast your eyes on Pagan Online’s first gameplay trailer

Pagan Online is back to show off its eclectic gameplay to the world with a brand new trailer. This comes after the second round of alpha access that was granted to gamers who signed up for the trials. As you’ll see, it all looks rather familiar but with a bit of something new to it. The animations also look rather amazing for an alpha build.

The camera angle, the hordes of minions swarming you and the very beautifully designed environments are extremely reminiscent of Diablo III, perhaps showing us how they’ve refined their vision from when the game was revealed. That will be a selling point for them in-light of the recent lack of Diablo IV announcements at Blizzcon.

While Mad Head Games are surely struggling to crawl out of the enormous shadow that Diablo has now cast on this genre of gaming, they are drawing a bit more attention as they allow more players into their trials. The next set of trials will be happening mid-January 2019, so if you’re interested in trying your hand at this apparently ‘difficult to master’ RPG, be sure to sign up on their site!

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