The next-gen Xbox is codenamed Anaconda

We’ve been gearing up for the next generation of consoles for a while now even if we don’t know what they will be exactly. We’re nearing the end of this generation even if it feels like the Xbox One and PS4 launched yesterday. Various rumours have been popping up about these new consoles, which was quite predictable, but Microsoft has been weirdly transparent with their plans for the next generation. There seem to be multiple projects in the pipeline instead of just one console and Microsoft is also still using quippy animal-themed codenames for their new consoles.

The new Xbox console reportedly has the codename Anaconda and will be the successor to the Xbox One X, according to Windows Central. It will be more powerful than the Xbox One X and might include an SSD which is definitely one of my wishlist items for next-gen consoles. Additionally, there is another console codenamed Lockhart that will serve as a more affordable version of the Anaconda. Like the Xbox One S, but with the power and capability of the Xbox One X. Holiday 2020 is the expected release for these two consoles.

You can count on there being backwards compatibility across the full range of Xbox games including the OG Xbox and Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One, which was another item on my wishlist. Nothing else beyond these names and snippets of information is known, but I’m fairly confident we’ll be seeing announcements for these consoles next year.

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