Job listings suggest a new Titanfall is still in development

Titanfall 2 was a tragedy. Not a tragedy how Fallout 76 is a tragedy, but a game that released under some terrible circumstances and was subsequently buried because of it. EA decided it was a great idea to launch the game at the same time as Battlefield 1 which was one of the biggest games of the year at the time. The tragic thing is that Titanfall 2 is actually really good and almost nobody really gave it any attention. It was definitely a release date blunder on the part of EA and they really threw the franchise into an awkward place. It was also now unclear if the franchise will continue and we’ll perhaps see a Titanfall 3 somewhere down the line.

While a potential sequel hasn’t been eluded to or announced just yet, the job listings on EA’s website hint at the game being in development. They have job listings dating back to April, but a new one that has been posted on the 15th of December suggest that there’s something brewing over there at Respawn Entertainment. It’s quite possible that the game is in its early development stages and it’s unlikely that this position opened up as a sort of support position for Titanfall 2.

It’s all speculation at this point and we’ll probably only hear about a potential sequel sometime next year, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did end up releasing next year. Titanfall is quite an untapped franchise and I think with better planning, another game in the series can be quite interesting.

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