Original music composers will be returning for MediEvil remake

Remakes and remasters have become a big deal in the world of gaming. People love a decent trip back in time to relive a moment of their youth. Remakes are generally considered the better of the two, as you end up with a game that is completely remade from the ground up with current generation technology and MediEvil will be one such game taking advantage of what the PS4 can manage. No matter how good a game might look, to really get your nostalgia bones rattled you need a throwback to the music of the time and Sony are not letting down in that department.

The people who worked on the music for the original PS1 game, Bob and Barn, will be returning to reprise their roles as the folks who will bring聽Sir Daniel Fortesque’s world back from the dead with those classic tunes. As you can see in the below tweet – the two gentleman are big fans of this hero and very excited to work on the project.

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