Square Enix developers teasing a Final Fantasy VII Remake 2019 announcement

21 years later and fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake are as excited today as they were about the original game on the PS1 all those years ago. Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII Remake at the Sony E3 conference in that unforgettable 2015 show. Since then we’ve seen a bit of gameplay footage, but there has also been movement back and forth between developers. Some thought that the game would never arrive, but gamers do tend to forget that Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV since that announcement, and that they have been working flat out on Kingdom Hearts 3, which will release in January.

Now that their hands are free, the developers are starting to tease what the next big project might be… and there can be only one, right?

This comes from聽Tetsuya Nomura and Kitase Yoshinori and, according to Famitsu, it includes the keywords ‘7’ and ‘long-awaited’. The Director for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Mr. Nomura, was the one to mention ‘7’ and followed that with “various presentations to be released”. Mr. Yoshinori, who dropped the words ‘long-awaited’ also said “I would like to try hard to meet the expectations of fans”.

Talk about getting their fans a little hyped. Here is to 2019 and hoping that we’ll get to see more of this classic remake. Considering that the game will receive an episodic formula, as originally confirmed, there is a good chance we could see the first chapter releasing next year.

Thanks must go our to a Resetera member who picked up on this bit of information.

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