Remedy Games reveals more about Control in their new world trailer and live stream

Gaming is one of the ways we get to look through doors at alternate universes where a whole load of things might be different, or maybe just one or two things. Either way, we get to experience things that would (hopefully) never be seen in our world, but sometimes things overlap. While Control does have a heavy air of science fiction to it, the look and feel of its new trailer makes it seem like the events could be plausible.

Set in the oldest house, the headquarters of the Bureau of Control, 505 Games and Remedy show off some of the weird and dangerous-looking things lurking in every room. In Control you’ll be exploring Jesse Fadens’ story as she uncovers secrets about not only the bureau but about her own strange past.

Without giving away any spoilers, the cast for Control is looking rather talented; Zachariah Trench is voiced by Max Payne actor, James McCaffrey, the lead researcher of the bureau is voiced by Alan Wake actor, Matthew Porretta, and the lead protagonist of the story, Jesse Faden, is voiced by Courtney Hope. And these are the only ones I currently know about, I have no doubt that there will be much more to come.

It is a crisis situation, and things have gone horribly, horribly wrong. With the Hiss invading the building and corrupting a lot of [it], and the people in [it], agents of the bureau. So quite a few people have been changed and warped, and they are now a part of the enemy. – Sam Lake, creative director of Remedy Entertainment

In a wrap-up stream on Twitch, the director of Control, Mikael Kasurinen, spoke more freely about the game alongside lead actress Courtney Hope, and community manager Vida Starcevic. They discussed (vaguely) what awaits gamers in Control, but also how Courtney has become her character. She definitely looks the part, but that might be their amazing facial capture at work.

If you’re interested in all things Control, be sure to watch the VOD of the stream. Or if playing it to find out the story is more your thing, just wait around until sometime next year when it will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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