Mick Gordon, the composer for Doom, is looking to fans to create a heavy metal screamer choir

Music composers tend to be these ever-present, sometimes overlooked, powerful hands that guide us through experiences. From your favourite movie to the final moments in a video game, they’re there bringing us to tears, or complete exhilaration after beating a tough boss. One such composer some of you might know is Mike Gordon, who has been composing for about 17 years now. Recently he’s working on Doom Eternal‘s soundtrack, and he has something interesting in mind.

We can only assume it’s for Doom Eternal, since its release date is expected to fall sometime in 2019, and a screamer choir would fit the game surprisingly well. But as Mr Gordon explained, there are some requirements from your side if you decide to throw your metal band shirt into the ring. There’s the standard “sign-up and show us what you got” part of it, but if you do sign-up you should be able to find your own way to Austin, Texas, in the first week of March. Which isn’t a lot of time to prep/save.

Luckily, this will be a paid gig. You won’t just be walking away knowing you helped bring the next game in a much-loved franchise to life, you’ll be a couple of bucks better off. Unfortunately, you have only until the 1st of February to get involved and send through your application. But who knows? Maybe this will open a whole new world for you and the other participants? If anything, it’s bound to be one hell of an experience!

Already made up your mind? Head over to the submission site to get started. Doom Eternal will hack its way onto your PS4, XBO, Switch and PC sometime in the future!

If you need some convincing, maybe refresh your memory with the 2016 Doom remake’s soundtrack. Or maybe you just want some good tunes for the first Monday of 2019? Slap on those headphones and enjoy!

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