Nintendo’s mobile titles are pulling in the revenue

Mobile titles may be taboo for many out there, but one thing is certain, they pull in quite a decent amount of revenue for companies. One such company is of course Nintendo. Last year has seen Nintendo’s mobile revenue hitting the $348 million mark, according to estimates from Sensor Tower.

Surprisingly one of the largest contributors was Nintendo’s latest mobile title Dragalia Lost, which pulled in $54.2 million for Nintendo. However, the fire that burns the brightest for Nintendo’s Mobile line up remains an emblem of joy. Fire Emblem Heroes, which has grossed $487 million to date and accounts for 66% of 2018’s revenue. Whereas Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp closed off 2018 with $48.6 million in player spending. Super Mario Run comes in at just over $10 million, which leaves me quite curious to see what 2019 holds for Nintendo’s mobile area.

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