Is the WiiU already becoming a collector’s item?

The poor Wii U; Nintendo’s ill-fated, horrendously-marketed oddball is all but forgotten now. Sure, it had some good games. But, unfortunately, too few people had the console to enjoy them. In fact, according to, Nintendo only sold 13.5 million Wii Us – making it their worst-selling console of all time. What a disaster, right?

Well, for Nintendo, the answer is undoubtedly, yes. However, what collectors all know is that rarity heightens value. And while, just a couple years ago, you wouldn’t have taken the Wii U for free, today, savvy buyers have started to scoop up unboxed versions wherever they can. According to Ben Kuchera (writing for Polygon) right now in the US:

Finding the console in new condition for under $500 is next to impossible… 

Yes, you read that correctly, just over two years after its anti-climactic death – the console is already being sought after with prices nearing R7000 – and by all indications, this number is only likely to increase. While this could change for a variety of reasons, right now, because there is only a limited number of pristine consoles left out in the wild, as well as the fact that certain games can still only being found on the dead console (until they get ported to the Switch) never mind Nintendo’s continued statements regarding the discontinuation of the Virtual Console – a Wii U console rush may already have started.

Could it be that the Wii U is fast becoming a worthwhile gaming investment?

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