Pokémon GO’s first Community Day of 2019

Happy New Year Trainers. With a new year comes more events including the return of Pokémon GO Community Days. Niantic has been quite busy during the festive season, offering players the opportunity to earn double catch stardust. The featured Pokémon this time is the second generation water-type Pokémon Totodile. As always the event will also feature bonuses such as three-hour lures, eggs will hatch faster and an exclusive move for the featured Pokémon. What’s more is that this time around the long-awaited feature known as Trainer Battles is available. YES, PVP, so best get your teams ready and join your local community. And with the stardust Niantic made available over the holiday season, players are able to unlock the third battle move on their battle team Pokémon. Check out the local communities below.

Make sure you keep checking back as I’ll be updating this post as and when I receive more information.

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