Fortnite made over $400 Million just on iOS in 2018

Epic just had a massive year. Not only did they launch their very own Epic Games Store to compete with Steam, but it also seems the colourful, Battle Royale-themed cash cow Fortnite is showing no signs of slowing down. While it is already quite astounding that the game is found on PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation and the Switch (with cross-play possible too), what is perhaps even more remarkable is just how well this free-to-play game is doing in the mobile arena.

According to Sensor Tower, since its launch on Apple platforms back in April 2018 – Fortnite has grossed over $455 million on the App Store alone. Sensor Tower goes on to explain that “Fortnite has reached 82.6 million all-time downloads on Apple’s platform.” Epic is doing a great job of providing consistent and substantial content updates and players have been spending, on average, over $1.5 million each day on microtransactions for cosmetic upgrades of skins, emotes and gliders.

Pretty sure they’re happy with the bite they’ve taken out of this particular fruit.

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