God of War’s DLC was too ambitious to be made

Post-launch content is always a tricky beast. Some publishers thrive on it, having planned future content drops well in advance and peddling the game’s season pass as much as they can. Others release one big or two big expansions and then call it a day on the whole shebang. It’s all about extending the life of a game well beyond its initial release and while most don’t really bother with playing a game they finished already, it can be a rather nice addition for gamers that really enjoyed a particular title or just want a little more.

Cory Barlog, director of the wonderful God of War was on the Kinda Funny podcast where, amongst other things, he talked about the development of DLC for his magnum opus. He said, “I had a really fun idea for a DLC that I only regret because I would love to have done that. But it was too ambitious.” He went on to explain that the DLC would have been too large and would have had to be classified as a standalone experience, not unlike other Sony exclusives like Infamous: Second Son which had a whole standalone experience called First Light and Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

However, these ideas never saw the light of day due to them being so labour intensive and way too ambitious for what the team could do, ultimately scrapping it. God of War‘s world is massive and you can easily mine some stories out of the game’s lore and environments. It would have been nice to see some DLC for this game considering it’s on many people’s Game of the Year lists, but you don’t always get what you want.

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