The Legend of Zelda II and Blaster Master are your two NES Switch games in January

Ahead of the Switch’s online service, Nintendo made quite a bit of noise about the NES games that would be included with your monthly online sub. Unlike PlayStation and Xbox One you won’t receive several current generation games, but instead, you’ll get a blast from the past with some of the best NES games the 80s console had to offer. Considering that the monthly cost is much cheaper than the other two offers this makes good sense and, for fans of old school games, this is a little bonus every month.

After unveiling the first three months (nine games), Nintendo has now decided to drop a video detailing the upcoming month just ahead of launch… and there are only two titles (instead of the expected three – because Japan received a third game that is not making it to the West, Joy Mech Fight). Blaster Master and The Legend of Zelda II will be heading to the Switch NES collection on 16 January. Blaster Master is considered by many as a classic on the NES that, at the time, came with a revolutionary mechanic that had you blasting foes in a vehicle, but also allowed you to go on-foot to take out baddies in areas your vehicle could not reach. It’s as ‘open-world’ as it got at the time. The Legend of Zelda II needs no introduction. You either love it or hate it, but there is one reason it’ll never be forgotten – I am Error.

Herewith the official announcement:

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