Yoshi’s Crafted World leaps onto the Switch in March

Yoshi has received quite a bit of love from Nintendo since he first appeared in his very own game on the SNES back in the mid-90s. What makes Yoshi games so unique to any other platformer isn’t only in the way that you control this beloved and colourful dinosaur, but the art style that greets every new outing. The original game pushed the capabilities of the SNES back in the day and on the Wii U and 3DS we saw Yoshi’s world made out of yarn and now it’s time for things to get a little plushy.

The world in Yoshi’s Crafted World looks like it’s made out of cardboard, though all the characters appearing in it are in essence beautiful plushies. In the below story trailer you get to see just why Yoshi will be embarking on yet another adventure, and that’s thanks to Bowser Jr. and Kamek being their typical greedy selves by trying to steal the gem-set stone (and it looks very much like… Infinity Stones). Legend has it that these stones will grant the bearer his or her wildest dreams, hence the efforts. The stones end up scattered all over the world and Yoshi must track all the gems down from falling into the wrong hands.

We now finally have a release date for the game, which is set for 29 March. According to the YouTube video description, the stages can now be flipped and played backwards to reveal new undiscovered items and locations. It’s sounding like that typical quick back-tracking gimmick Nintendo loves using, but if this plays anything like Woolly World we’ll be more than happy to put more time into the game. As with¬†Woolly World, this game can also be played as a co-op experience.

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