Here is the Darkwing Duck successor Capcom declined from Sonic Mania dev

In the 80s and 90s Capcom was synonymous with producing the best Disney tie-in games of the time. In recent times we received The Disney Afternoon Collection that included the DuckTales games, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers titles and Talespin. It was the perfect set of NES game to be released in one glorious package. There was however one game missing from the pile – Darkwing Duck!

Just last year we revisited the classic NES game. It came with a high difficulty curve but is also considered one of Capcom’s classic Disney games. Now it’s come to light that a sequel was declined by Capcom. Headcannon, who worked on Sonic Mania, pitched the game to Capcom who ultimately declined it. In the below video you’ll see an obvious graphical improvement (putting it more in line with 16-Bit games), but the sound effects and music are on par with the NES original. It was meant to be a spiritual successor and seeing as Capcom did not back the project he decided to release this footage:

With his talent, it comes as a bit of a bummer. He obviously has a good understanding of the design and physics when it comes to older games and in a world where indie games are thriving, it would probably have met an audience. Fans are urging him to continue the project and link it to a character creation of his own, but that’ll likely see too much red tape. You’ll have to track down the original game if you want to use the grappling hook and Gas Gun for the time being.

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