Sam Fisher’s Italian voice actor brings new hope to Splinter Cell fans

Sometimes you have to consider that some companies are just playing ‘hard to get’. Fans plead for years for a beloved series to return and when it does eventually make a comeback, that said publisher is suddenly ‘surprised’ at the success (*looks at Activision and the Crash Bandicoot / Spyro the Dragon success of recent times*). When it comes to Ubisoft, now that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a thing, we have two series that fans want back – Prince of Persia and the return of Splinter Cell.

It’s been nine long years without a Prince of Persia game and six years without Sam Fisher (unless you count his appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands). There have been many rumours that Splinter Cell is on its way back via an Amazon page last year and when Michael Ironside appeared on Inside Xbox some thought that this was the beginning of good things. To date, there’s not been a single official thing to link Ubisoft with a new Splinter Cell game. Now the Italian voice actor, Luca Ward, has randomly updated his Facebook profile image that shows off the iconic green Splinter Cell night vision goggles.

Posted by Luca Ward on Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Of course, fans are now losing their minds, thinking that this is now proof that there is definitely another big game incoming, but it could simply be that he’s updated his profile with his most successful voice work in a game. Should it be a hint at a new game, we’re sure Ubisoft would have rapped him over the knuckles by now. We don’t think you should get your hopes up just yet… but we can all hope.

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