Something in the shade of the Fantastic Four is headed to Spider-Man

It’s been one hell of a year for Spider-Man; not only was there an absolutely fantastic game released, one that a lot of folks have been waiting for, but there was a mind-blowing movie released that puts all other Spider-Man movies to shame. Don’t get me wrong, Tom Holland is a precious boy, and what they have managed to do in Homecoming and The Avengers has been wonderful, but Into The Spider-verse is something else entirely.

While the game, and its DLCs, have been rather well-received Marvel doesn’t think the fun should stop there. In a recent tweet, they teased that something fantastic this way comes. And while so many think it’ll just be a suit re-skin, I really hope it’s something more than that.

The Fantastic Four haven’t exactly had the best track record when it comes to films. Both the 2005 and 2015 films had moments of redemption that didn’t make them too bad, perhaps the integration into the PS4 game is how they save the franchise. Some fans have speculated that maybe the Baxter building will make its way into the game, and others think it’s the Future Foundation suit (which is very fitting). Personally, I hope it’s something like getting a chance to play as Human Torch, or going up against Dr Doom. Bring something more to the game, you know?

Now, if they could add a bit of Into The Spider-verse into the game, maybe in the shape of Spider-Gwen or Peter B Parker, it would really bring everything together and make it feel even more special. As for the big surprise, I guess we’ll just have to hang around and see what lands on the web.

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