The Division 2 is skipping Steam for the Epic Store

Yesterday, Ubisoft released some details regarding The Division 2‘s PC features and specs. Due to launch on the 15th of March 2018, The Division 2 is boasting full optimisation options including uncapped frame rates and display resolutions. However, you’ll still need some good tech to run the game smoothly and Ubisoft has provided this recommended specs breakdown:

Now, while this game is not one I am personally that interested in, what did catch my eye is that included in the announcement was information that the Standard, Gold and Ultimate PC edition preorders (obtainable now) were available only from the Ubisoft Store and from the Epic Games Store (as well as select online and physical retailers). The Steam store was not mentioned at all.

Additionally, according to an Epic Games Blogpost (via Gamestop) it seems Ubisoft and Epic will be continuing to work together:

Ubisoft and Epic Games store will also partner on additional select titles to be announced during the coming year.

And that can only be bad news for Steam.

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